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Depeche Mode: In Their Own Words - Interviews & Contributions

Depeche Mode: In Their Own Words - Interviews & Contributions Once unfairly seen as New Romantic 'wannabees', Depeche Mode are actually the only band to have emerged from that, some might say unfortunate scene, to have continued developing in any serious way and not only maintained an enormous fan base but increased it to the point whereby filling 100,000 capacity stadia across the world is not unusual - and all this while most of their early 1980s contemporaries roll up on the oldies circuit playing to the chicken-in-a-basket-crowd. This DVD features numerous filmed interviews with the guys, both solo and as a group, during which they prove themselves to be articulate, intelligent, witty and charming - albeit with an easy going self deprecating humour throughout - and always clearly with a sharp eye on their further artistic and musical development. In completion this DVD will prove a thoroughly fascinating, brutally revealing and downright entertaining watch for all true Depeche fans everywhere.

Производитель Chrome Dreams
Год выпуска 2013
Тип носителя DVD
В ролях Depeche Mode
Цена 1599 руб.

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