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"Blind Watchdog" of Ganges

"Blind Watchdog" of Ganges The Ganges River Dolphin is one of the most charismatic mega-fauna of the Indian subcontinent- recognised as the “national aquatic animal”. Being the supreme predator of Ganges, it plays a vital role in maintaining the essential balance of its ecosystem. In spite of that, its population has declined drastically over the past few decades. Poaching, incidental killings in gillnets, construction of dams and barrages, pollution, and illegal fishing have been identified as major threats to their survival. This book represents an attempt towards understanding few aspects of their ecology in a small stretch of the upper Ganges. Besides, distribution and abundance, this book also elucidates about their habitat structure/use, diurnal activity patterns and discusses the socio-economic status of the fishermen community. It also highlights few site specific threats and suggests mitigation measures. To ensure the safe survival of this elusive species of Ganges, the findings and recomm

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